Our Team Nuggets project is moving forward and we even got a mention in Variety (By Elsa Keslassy):


DR Sales, the commercial arm of the Danish broadcaster, is set to start handling more children programming, kicking off with the animated series “Team Nuggets.”

Currently in development, the comedy show was commissioned by DR’s streaming platform Ramasjang which targets children aged 4 to 8 years old and ranks as Denmark’s leading platform for kids content.

“Team Nuggets,” comprising 52 episodes running seven minutes each, follows Karla, a curious young chicken who lives in a hen house with her family. The series revolves around everyday life at a small-town Danish school with Karla and her friends, including Ib, a 150-year-old melancholic gnome; Tilde Victoria, who has a television set for a head and communicates via her screen; and Heinz, the ill-tempered tomato kid, who struggles to control his anger.