DR Sales are happy to announce that the animation series ‘Team Nuggets’ is selected for this year’s Cartoon Forum taking place in Toulouse this week.

We hope to see you there!

In the animation series ‘Team Nuggets’ (52 eps x 7 min), we follow the main character Karla. Karla is a curious young chicken who lives in a hen house with her family. The series revolves around everyday life with Karla and her classmates in a small-town school.

‘Team Nuggets’ explores recognizable dilemmas for all kids, dealing with emotions, what is right and wrong and how to interact with friends, parents and not least themselves. The solution to problems and challenges is rarely the first thing that comes to mind – instead, it’s the weird, surprising or even silly idea that works. The series’ primary target group are 6-8-year-olds.

The series is produced by Sparre Production and co-produced with Godo Films, DR Ramasjang, DR Sales and Canal +. ‘Team Nuggets’ is currently in production with expected release in the fall 2022.